FLEX-O-TEK offers an instant-setting liquid rubber that is water-based and eco-friendly. … creating a fully-adhered, monolithic waterproofing membrane with no waste.

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The innovative and proprietary seamless, eco-friendly membrane systems are formulated for many types of roofs, walls, decks, below-grade surfaces, and a wide range of specialty applications and provides the highest level of protection against water, chemicals, and environmental fluctuations. The products are water-based, environmentally conscious, and sustainable for generations.


What We Do

liquid rubber waterproofing membrane

Below Grade Waterproofing

The TRITOflex waterproofing system is the perfect fit for waterproofing concrete foundation walls, footings, and beneath slabs on new construction or renovation projects.

liquid rubber waterproofing membrane

Roof Restoration & Recovery

The TRITOflex seamless waterproofing system is ideal for recovering virtually all types of existing roof systems to avoid costly and disruptive tear-offs and gain a sustainable, life-long roof with the best of the best membrane in the industry.

liquid rubber waterproofing membrane

Plaza Deck

The TRITOflex waterproofing system is the perfect fit as the primary, seamless waterproofing membrane in a plaza deck system. This simple, fast installation results in a durable membrane that will resist any amount of water indefinitely.

liquid rubber waterproofing membrane

Corrosion Control – Mining

Due to its indefinite resistance to water and moisture, the liquid rubber TRITOflex membrane can also be used to prevent corrosion and rust on steel and metal surfaces.

liquid rubber waterproofing membrane

Bridges, Tunnels, Civil

The liquid rubber TRITOflex waterproofing membrane is used to efficiently waterproof in split-slab concrete applications such as bridges, bunkers, tunnels, and many other applications.

liquid rubber waterproofing membrane

Secondary Containment

The liquid rubber and environmentally safe TRITOflex membrane is often used for waterproofing but is also used as a containment liner due to its high resistance to many chemicals and contaminants.

liquid rubber waterproofing membrane

Marine, Submerged

The liquid rubber TRITOflex waterproofing membrane is an ideal application for marine projects and submerged waterproofing to prevent corrosion and moisture entry and also protect from punctures and other damage.

liquid rubber waterproofing membrane

Small Leak Repairs

TRITOtrowel liquid rubber waterproofing is applied by brush, hand, or trowel and is used for small waterproofing projects such as gutters, roof repairs, tiling, sealing leaking penetrations and joints, and much more.

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